Sunnybrook – Horse Show Costs

Here is a breakdown of the daily costs involved with a horse show. The costs involved have two parts. The first part is the costs billed directly by Sunnybrook to their clients. These costs are relatively easy to figure and are the same at each show regardless of the size of show, how many days the show is, or how many clients attend the show. These costs are per day. If you total up the cost per day and multiply it by the number of days of the horse show, (including warm-up day), you will have a close estimate of what amount the Sunnybrook invoice will be. The hauling costs are billed are billed by Sunnybrook and vary depending on how far away the show is. See hauling rates below to figure hauling costs. As soon as the client confirms that they want to attend a certain show, a $500 non-refundable deposit is taken and the horse show entry is sent in by Sunnybrook to confirm the stall and their spot.

The second part, incurred with every horse show, is the invoice from the actual horse show office. This invoice usually includes the cost of the stall for the horse to stay in, the feed and bedding needed for the horse during the horse show, any needed membership fees and/or drug testing for the horse, and the cost of all the classes the rider and horse participate in. This invoice also includes the split fees of the grooming stalls, trainer/ groom’s housing, etc. divided between the total number of clients at each horse show. This horse show office invoice amount is very difficult to estimate because it varies so much with each horse and depends on the number of clients attending the show.


$75 PER HORSE PER DAY FOR SCHOOLING AND RAIL FEE FOR TRAINING CLIENTS on Showing Days. $50 per day for non-showing days.

This fee is for the trainer to school the horse and prepare the rider for their classes. This schooling fee also applies on warm-up days. (Additional ride fees will apply if horse is not in training with Sunnybrook).


fee applies for one day shows


This charge covers arranging the transportation to and from the shows, filling out entries and office close-out, packing and unpacking, tack room set-up and tear down, as well as supplying all required equipment. Trailer supervision, (including making sure the horses are safe and have food and water), at the one-day shows and feeding and mucking at the multiday shows. This fee is effective the day the horse departs for the horse show through the day the horse returns. This amount includes a daily tip to the grooms and is paid directly to Sunnybrook


Lunging, wrapping before show, tacking and untacking at the horse show, wrapping and putting way at home after the show.


These legal medications include equiox (similar to bute but easier on their stomachs), robaxin (to help relax muscles and reduce inflammation. Perfect Prep and Gastro Guard are billed separately per tube if needed at shows.


  • Sheet for Horse Show Hauling Rates Sunnybrook Hauling Rate Sheet
  • Local Santa Barbara Hauls $150
  • Santa Barbara to Santa Ynez $200
  • Calabassas, Elvenstar, Moorpark $250
  • LAEC, Camelot, Hansen Dam, $300 Flintridge $350
  • Huntington Beach, Industry Hills $400
  • The Oaks (San Clemente) $450
  • Thermal, Show Park, Del Mar $500
  • Sonoma, UC Davis- $600

Other Long Distance Hauls Available by Mileage and Distance $25 per hour stand-by fee if driver needs to stay with horse Rates maybe adjusted due to the gas price fluctuations.


$500 non-refundable deposit for multiday shows.



Divided by # of horses.
These expenses include supplies, shavings, feed, tack room, storage stalls, grooming stalls, bark, etc.

TRAINER/GROOM Related Expenses

Divided by # of horses.
These expenses include trainer’s hotel, food, or hookup fees, etc.

STALL, COST OF CLASSES, NEEDED MEMBERSHIPS, DRUG TESTING FOR HORSES ETC. BRAIDING – If it is a braiding show, please pay braider directly.