Sunnbroook Farm and Ranch Services

Becca_ShaneMonthly Board, Grooming, and Training

Includes feeding three time a day; hay a.m. and p.m., bermuda pellets for lunch, shavings, cleaning twice a day, blanketing. Daily feeding of supplements included. Customer supplies own supplements and medications. Basic horse supplies provided: fly spray, shampoo, betadine, show sheen, etc.

Full Training Services five days a week including lessons, professional rides, turn-outs, and lunging. Normally 2 professional rides and 3 lessons.

Full Service Grooming includes daily grooming Monday thru Saturday, bathing, turn-outs, hand walking if needed, help tacking up and untacking for lessons or rides, cleaning tack, wrapping, and show clips. (Does not include body clips)

Full Lease / Riding School Lessons

Leasing gives you the opportunity to experience what horse ownership is all about. Leasing your first horse is a good way to learn for several reasons. First, you can progress more quickly riding the same horse on a weekly basis, and as you progress and your ability improves, the same horse you felt comfortable on six months ago, might not be the right horse to challenge your new found skills. Also, a child that fits on a small pony now, might need a large pony or small horse in six months . Leasing allows you to change horses and try out different types of horses without having to go through the expense and emotion of the buying and selling process. Leasing also allows you to understand the commitment to horse ownership and a riding program. We recommend you lease before you buy. After a period of time, you will know if you or your child enjoy the show ring or riding the trails. Some students enjoy the show ring and go on to buy competitive show horses, while others just want the joy of owning and loving a horse. Either way, we want to help you find the right equine partner to fit your budget and needs.Cooperlg

Riding Lessons: Every beginning student must start out with riding lessons to make sure that they are interested and enjoy horse back riding. Most of all, we want to make sure it is a positive, safe learning experience. All students must wear long pants, a boot with a heel, and a safety approved helmet. If you do not own a safety approved helmet, we have a selection of sizes, but we recommend a pair of paddock boots and a correct fitted safety helmet be your first equine investment. Nothing is more important than your safety. If you own a safety helmet, please bring it to your lessons.

We will try to do our best to provide a suitable lesson horse for beginning lessons, however we cannot guarantee that we will always have a lesson horse or the time available that you are looking for. If after a few lessons, you are enjoying riding and want to continue to improve, we strongly encourage you to consider a lease on a horse. With a very limited amount of lesson horses and times, it is difficult to accommodate students needs without access to their own horse.

Client Meetings


_TAS6049[1]We try to meet with our clients quarterly to review their progress and make sure their needs are being met.  We would love to sit down with you and go over which training program and horse shows would best suit your needs and ability.  We are always available to answer any questions you might have.  Goal setting is a huge part of the Sunnybrook program.We welcome all open communication with all clients. Please feel free to come and talk to us. You are always welcome to call any of us on our cell phones. You can also e-mail us anytime with any question, problems, or comments you have as we check it several times a day. Often, we send out notices or announcements via e-mail to all out clients.  Becca also updates this site weekly with current lesson and horse show schedules and also posts the most recent horse show results and any upcoming events.

Rebecca Bruce- Owner & Head trainer (805) 452-3555 e-mail:

Erin Bruce- Business manager (805)570-8812 e-mail:

Sunnybrook Hauling

We offer safe and reliable hauling services to and from shows and for any other hauling needs you might have.

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