2009 Results


Kayla Savard– 2010 SFVHSA Reserve Champion 15-17 Equitation over Fences, SBCRC Reserve Champion Equitation 14-17, Champion of the SBCRC Junior Medal Final, Reserve Champion of the SFVHSA Hunter Challenge

Kenzington– 2010 Gold Coast Series Reserve Champion “A” and “B” Pre-Green, 2010 SFVHSA Reserve Champion “A” and “B” Pre-Green

Ainsley McGovern– 2010 SFVHSA Cross-Rail Champion

Elizabeth Storm McGovern– 3rd in 2010 SFVHSA Adult Equitation and Hunters

Ellen Hollstien-2010 SFVHSA Reserve Champion Junior Green Rider and Champion of the SBCRC Junior Green Rider medal final

Maddison Hancock– 2010 SBCRC Reserve Champion Children’s 13 and under Hunters and Equitation and Champion of the SBCRC Hunter Medal Challenge

Katie Browne- 2010 LAHSA Short Stirrup Champion, 2010 Gold Coast Reserve Champion Short Stirrup, 2010 SFVHSA Reserve Champion Children’s Ponies and Short Stirrup

Educated Guess- 3rd in 2010 SBCRC Pony Hunters with two different riders- Katie Browne and Maeve O’Connor

Sunnybrook Purchases, Sales, & Imports 2010:

Mia Grant & Tattletale (purchased Jan 2010)

Christine Phillips & Cristallo (imported March 2010)

Rebecca Bruce & Bravado (imported June 2010)

Jamie Barge & Why Not (purchased June 2010)

Chloe Simon & Donatello (purchased November 2010)

Katie Browne & Leonardo (imported December 2010)

Maeve O’Connor & Beach Boy (imported December 2010)

Congratulations to Don Stewart Stables on the sale of Satori

Congratulations to Cha Cha on the purchase of Devonshire Cream

Congratulations to Sloan Fritag with Traci Barmen on the purchase of Keep The Magic

Congratulations to Rhonda Pennington with Shelly Stully on the Purchase of Ghost

Congratulations to Nan Nagle on the purchase of Three Wishes