2008 Results







Sunnybrook Purchases & Imports 2008:

Olivia McGovern and Clayton (imported Dec. 2008)

Katie Browne and Keep the Magic (purchased Dec. 2008)

Bella Hadid and Bon Voyage (imported Oct. 2008)

Rebecca Bruce and Lady Mecklenburg (imported Oct. 2008)

Krista Borgers and Ribot (imported Oct. 2008)

Madison Hancock and Renaissance and Cavalli (purchased 2008)

Ainsley McGovern and Devonshirecream (purchased summer 2008)

Sofie Melograno and Park Avenue (purchased summer 2008)

Reese Peacock and Honor Roll (purchased summer 2008)

Marisa Purchio and Nasdaq (purchased spring 2008)

Gigi Hadid and Satori (purchased spring 2008)

Thank you to Tanya Hardy of Lochside Lane for finding us such great horses and making it all so much fun!!!!

Congratulations to Courtney Crompton on the purchase of Porsche (Sept. 2008)

Congratulations to DeJong Family on the purchase of Summer Solistice (Dec. 2008)

Congratulations to the Grant Family on the purchase of Nakita (Nov. 2008)

Congratulations to the Xanthos Family on the purchase of Majesty (Nov. 2008)