2007 Results



(Sofie Melograno, Krista Borgers, Rebecca Bruce)

Awards Banquet 2007 Las Vegas    

Krista Borgers & Porsche

Sunnybrook Ranch congratulates Krista Borgers and Porsche on a fantastic 2007 season

2007 Year-end Championships- PCHA Region 1 Children’s Jumpers, SFVHSA Children Jumpers, LAHSA Children/AA Jumpers, SBCRC Level 3 Jumpers, Gold Coast Children Jumper Series Champion

2007 Show Championships- 2007 L.A. Opener, Gold Coast II & VI Children Jumpers, SBCRC Level 3 May & June shows, S. B. Nationals July Children’s Jumpers, Camelot Classic Chilren’s Jumpers

2007 Reserve Championships- Gold Coast I Low Children’s/AA jumpers and Children’s
Jumpers, S.B. Jumper Classic

Thank you Prestin Pearsen for such a wonderful mare!


Brittany Martindale & Augustino

Sunnybrook congratulations Brittany on a great 2007 year with “Austin” and the purchase of “Lux” in October 2007

2007 Year End Championships- SBCRC Children’s Hunters, SBCRC Pre-Green Hunters

2007 Show Championships- SBCRC May -Low Modified Equitation, Oaks, Red, White, and Blue- Low Children’s Hunters, Santa Barbara Nationals- Juvenile Hunter 12-13, Pebble Beach- Novice Equitation, SBCRC Sept. Children’s Hunter’s 13 and under, Camelot Classic- Low Child/Adult Equitation, SBCRC Nov. Show- Equitation 13 and under

2007 Reserve Championships- SBCRC May- 13 and under equitation and pre-green hunters, Pebble Beach children’s hunters 13 and under


2007 Show Championships- Santa Barbara National Turkey Show- Champion Children’s 13 and under Hunter Classic, Children’s Hunter Open Flat division,

2007 Reserve Show Championships- Santa Barbara Nationals Turkey Show- Children’s 13 and under Open Under Saddle Division, Children’s Hunters 13 and under division

Thank you Lochside Lane and Tanya Hardy for finding this special horse for Brittany

Mexicali Blues

2007 Year-End Reserve Championships- SBCRC Pony Hunter and Equitation

2007 Show Championships- SBCRC June- Pony equitation, Low Mod. Equitation, Camelot Classic- Large Pony Hunters, SBCRC Sept.- X-rails Hunters and Equitation (Kelli Martindale riding), SBCRC Nov. Show- Pony Equitation

2007 Reserve Show Championships- SBCRC June- Pony Hunters and Low Modified Hunters

Elizabeth McGovern & Knightsbridge

2007 Year-End Championships- SBCRC Adult Equitation, A/A Hunters, and Triathlon, Gold Coast Adult Equitation “B” Series Champion, Winner of the SBCRC Adult Medal Year End Medal Final

2007 Show Championships- L.A. Opener A/A Equitation, Gold Coast “B” A/A Equitation, SBCRC A/A Hunters March, Oaks Red, White, and Blue- Low Child/Adult Hunters and Limit Equitation, Pebble Beach III- A/A Equitation, Camelot Show Aug.- A/A Hunters, Gold Coast VI- A/A “B” Equitation, SBCRC Nov. Show- Champion A/A Hunters, Equitation, Triathlon

2007 Reserve Show Championships- L.A. Opener A/A Hunters, Gold Coast “B” A/A Hunters, SBCRC March A/A Equitation, Santa Barbara Nationals- A/A Hunters and Hunter Classic, Pebble Beach Equitation Championships, SBCRC A/A Hunter Classic

Qualified for the following medal finals: PCHA 35 and over, Foxfield, — USEF, SFVHSA 18 and over and Challenge medal, CPHA Child/Adult, SBCRC Adult, Zone 10 Stir-up Cup


Olivia McGovern & Maestro

2007 Year End Championships- SBCRC Pony Hunters and Mrs. Horace Rupp Trophy

2007 Reserve Year End Championship- SBCRC Green Rider Hunter 13 and under

2007 Show Championships- SBCRC May, June, & Sept. Pony Hunter, Pebble Beach- Short Stir-up and Equitation, SBCRC Sept. and Nov. Green Rider Hunter

2007 Reserve Show Championships- SBCRC May and June Green Rider Hunter and Equitation, Camelot Classic- Short Stirrup

Educated Guess

2007 Reserve Year-end Championships- SBRCR Baby Green and Low Modified

2007 Show Championships- SBCRC March and May Baby Green, SBCRC March and June Low Modified, SFVHSA June Baby Green, Camelot Aug. Low Pre-Green

Tin Man

2007 Year-end Results SBCRC Third Place Pony Hunters and Green Rider Hunters


Sofie Melograno & Donatello

Sunnybrook congratulates Sofie on the purchase of Donatello and looks forward to this team competing in the 2008 season.

2007 Year End Reserve Championship- SBCRC Green Rider Equitation14-17, Mrs. Hoarse Rupp

2007 Reserve Show Championships- Gold Coast July Long Stir-up, SBCRC Nov. Green Rider 14-17 Hunters and Equitation

Thank you Rainbow Canyon Ranch for finding Donotello for Sofie and congratulations on the purchase of Kalin.


Carole Bennett & Scout’s Honor

2007 Reserve Show Championships- Camelot Horse Show March, Rusty Stir-up, SBCRC Low Modified Equitation, SYVHSA June, Low Child Adult Equitation, Camelot Classic, Green Riders Hunters 18 and over

Congratulations to Carole on the purchase of “Vinny”, now known as Clark Gable


Jenny Coleman & Matchmaker

Congratulations to Jenny Coleman on the purchase of Matchmaker in 2007 and her fantastic start to her show career

2007 Show Championships- 1st place in the costume class at SBCRC, Santa Barbara Turkey Show-champion in the walk/trot division


Rileigh Wullbrandt & Love It

2007 Show Champion- SBCRC Academy division March and May Hunters and Equitation.

2007 Reserve Show Champion-Santa Barbara Turkey Show- 9 and under Pony Jumpers


Kate Zitnik & Square Wheels

2007 Show Champion- Santa Barbara Turkey Show- Juvenile Jumpers 15-17

2007 Reserve Show Champion– Santa Barbara Turkey Show- Low Pre-training Jumpers


Jophe Jones & Tickled Pink

Sunnybrook would like to congratulate Jophe on the purchase of “Rose” and the sale of Foursox and Picasso in 2007